Como chegámos aqui?

My awakening to the problem


In 2011, when I saw a documentary on National Geographic Portugal about the planet we were leaving for future generations, with massive tree felling, plastic consumption growing by double digits every year and all the consequences that come with it, such as the disappearance of more than 200 marine species in the next 30 years, I made a decision!

To make my contribution to minimising this DRAMA.

This is how Dafábrica4you was born, which develops products made from recycled plastic, thus helping to minimise the felling of trees by replacing some products made from wood with products made from recycled plastic, as well as reducing the amount of plastic that goes to landfill and, in significant quantities, ends up in the sea.

The dream began... It became a reality in 2018, based on a multidisciplinary team working to develop ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE products at competitive prices.