Easy installation

DaFábrica4you offers two types of decking: Classic and Premium. The Premium range has a grooved surface, unlike the Classic range, which is not grooved but does not slip due to its roughness.

Levelling the ground

Prepare the ground with well-compacted Tout Venant and if the ground is "shaky", use cement or even concrete on top.

Use our 6 x 6 x 250 profiles placed on the ground, or alternatively, 10 x 2.5 or 14 x 2.5 boards lengthways, 30 cm / 35 cm apart.

Then place our 10 x 2.5 or 14 x 2.5 boards transversely, 1 mm apart (expansion joint), and screw them to the square profiles.

Use A2 stainless steel screws

If the terrain is uneven, use our profiles to create a substructure so that the surface where you are going to lay the planks is levelled.

Then proceed as explained above

Decking assembly instructions

As alternative we have our own Teams, who are able to instal for you