Case studies

Case studies

Client Carla, from Moita, had a problem with her dogs "using the pool". She had originally installed a wooden fence, but had problems with upkeep. We built a fence. Satisfied customer

Customer Nelson, from Trofa, bought our profiles and built pool protection and pool machine room doors.Satisfied customer

Customer Rita de Ribamar, we built multi-level decking and sun loungers. Satisfied customer.

Quinta do Sol em Alenquer. 108 vivendas. Cliente tinah vedações em madeira, que obrigavam a manuetnção e mesmo assim estavam podres.Vedações . Cliente satisfeito

Torres do Mondego Parish Council. We installed decking and street furniture by the river on top of sand. Satisfied customer

Client in Brogueira. Built an arena web out of DaFábrica4you boards

Customer Ruben, from Vila Nova de Famalicão, bought our profiles and boards and built decking, flowerbeds and pergolas. Satisfied customer

Client Bruno from Moscavide. We installed 80 metres of planters on the top floor of a house, a detailed job as there were many cut-outs. Satisfied customer

Customer Rita, in Ribafria, a regular customer, this time we produced and installed a fence, built on top of an existing wall.Satisfied customer